Building Community

Providing a safe environment that gives our girls and their children a new sense of pride and self worth.


Rescued for a Better Tomorrow

Giving hope and a future to many women and children overcoming violence and neglect.


Equipping and Empowering Women

Helping to educate and build life skills through many of our programs.


Changing Lives One at a Time

Chance International Outreach has many success stories helping women and children!

Everyone Deserves a Chance

Everyone Deserves a Chance to succeed. Join the Chance International Outreach now to change lives around the world.

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Hope Home is a safe place that we have developed to help those in Liberia. You can make a tax deductible gift now to help Chance International Outreach rescue more of girls and women from the streets and provide a safe environment with the love of Christ.

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A Rescue Story

A 14 year old wakes up in the morning and finds the day is just like yesterday. Nothing has changed. She still has to take care of her baby by searching for food and other basic provisions. Often many thoughts go through her mind including: “Does anyone ever care?” She is a school dropout and often wonders whether she will ever step a foot in a classroom again.

With no skills and no parents to turn to for her little one, she makes those decisions that have lasting consequences. After all, she has been a victim of sex trafficking and the only life that she knows is what she had been living in the shadows of her neighborhood.  All of that change when she is introduced to Chance Outreach.

Because of Chance Outreach, she and her baby can be off the streets and at the same time she can learn skills to take care of herself and the baby. Rescuing and providing a safe place for young girls and their babies can only be sustained with your generous gift of any amount on a monthly basis.

Equipping For The Future

In post war Liberia, many young women face uncertain situations. Many are in unsafe situations including sex trafficking. So, the question remains: What can we do to provide a better tomorrow?

When Chance International Outreach was conceived to rescue young women who are in unsafe situation, it did not occur that in its short time of operation many lives will be touched. It began like a little light in the dark but each day it is getting brighter and brighter. Already, two homes are operating and many young women and their children are experiencing the kind of love that only a Christian environment can offer.

We are not looking for young women with a perfect past. We are for the down trodden and rejected who have nowhere to turn. That is what we do. We open up our arms and welcome them with the love of Christ. But, we cannot do this alone. It is about sharing the love of Christ with young women who never had a Chance in the first place. You can be our Ambassador to help spread the word with your church, organization, friends and families about the mission.

Chance International Outreach is a Minnesota Based Non-Profit Organization

Providing a solid Christian education, housing and other services to young girls, mothers and their children, and women in Liberia.

The women and girls we rescue are victims of the 2014 Ebola Crisis, sex trafficking and unplanned pregnancies. We rescue them by providing loving homes where they can know the Lord and experience His love.

They have little or no education, no job skills, often in unsafe situations and some of them are pregnant and need urgent assistance for themselves and their babies. We pray the Lord will lay it on your heart to join our efforts and be a part of the efforts to rescue more young girls and women, particularly mothers and their children. Together, we can provide a loving Christian environment that will change their lives.

We need your help to continue to reach out and provide the only safe haven that many of them may ever have. Your donation will enable Chance Outreach to continue to rescue girls who are victims of sex trafficking or orphans of the Ebola crisis. We are motivated by the Lord’s words:
“The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of   these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” – Matthew 25:40 (NIV).

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We Are Chance International Outreach

Chance International Outreach is a Minnesota based Non-Profit Organization established to rescue young girls, women and children in Liberia living in unsafe situations.

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