About Us

Chance International Outreach is a Minnesota based non-profit organization established to rescue young girls, women and children in Liberia who are in unsafe situations.

Many are orphans due to the 2014 Ebola Crisis and some are victims of sex trafficking and unplanned pregnancies. They have little or no education, no job skills, lacked the homes, families and resources to help them escape the situations they are living in. In most cases, some are pregnant and need urgent assistance for themselves and their babies.

That is why we decided to provide a safe Christian environment where young girls and women can the experience the love of God. We seek every opportunity to intervene in their lives because they are in unsafe situations which often lead to being victims of sex trafficking or unplanned pregnancies. We provide safe housing environments where residents can come to know the Lord, grow in Him and acquire the skills or education to become productive and take care of themselves and their children. Through the love of God, we can help these young girls, women and children to discover God’s plan for their lives.

We are motivated by Matthew 25:40 (NIV); Jesus said: “The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.”

Our Mission

To equip and empower young girls and women to achieve their full potential by providing opportunities that will help them succeed through any difficulties or crisis they may be experiencing.

Our Vision

To establish homes that will provide safe and stable Christian environments for young girls, women and children who are orphans of the Ebola crisis or victims of sex trafficking and unplanned pregnancies. We provide Christian counseling, job skills and education necessary to make them productive to take care of themselves. We show compassion through kindness, concerns and thoughtful support for those we rescue.

Board of Directors

Evelyn A. Seton


James Kaye

Executive Vice President

Mary Zacharias


Stephanie Moschen


Eric Zacharias


James NS Kollie, Sr.


Julienne Klaustermeier

Board Member

Kim Bones

Board Member

Lisa Cooper

Board member

Fern Lindemeier

Board member

Krista Radde

Krista Radde

Board Member