Everyone Deserves a Chance

Everyone Deserves a Chance to succeed. Join the Chance International Outreach now to change lives around the world.

Welcome To Courage Home

Chance has broken into new arena for the future in a dramatic way. It all started when the contractor asked that the girls living in Hope Home be relocated before the renovation work would begin.  At first it was hard to imagine because doing so meant taking on an additional expense which we were not prepared to do. We could not find temporary housing so Chance had to enter into a contract for what has now become our second home called Courage Home.

The milestone to this journey of two homes in one in so short a time is owed to your loving hearts and generous support with the Lord’s leading. Courage Home is a duplex with three bedrooms on each side. In all there are six bedrooms with three bunk beds in each which expanded our capacity to eighteen residents plus one home supervisor.


Thank you very much for your support of our work. The renovation of Hope Home was an enormous task but because of the collective efforts and prayers of all, we were able to complete it. Because of you, we are beginning to provide an environment that gives our girls and their children a new sense of pride.

A lot of improvement was done to the rooms and other areas in the house to improve, occupancy. We redid the kitchen and some areas to ensure the home can support more residents. The capacity of Hope Home has grown.  Hope Home now has three bunk beds in each of the three bedrooms and one bunkbed and a bed for one house supervisor in the fourth bedroom.

Donate to help Hope home

You can make a tax deductible gift now to help Chance International Outreach rescue more of girls and women from the streets and provide a safe environment with the love of Christ.

Chance International Outreach is a Minnesota based non-profit organization that is providing solid Christian education, housing and other services to young girls, mothers and their children, and women in Liberia.

The women and girls we rescue are victims of the 2014 Ebola Crisis, sex trafficking and unplanned pregnancies. We rescue them by providing loving homes where they can know the Lord and experience His love.They have little or no education, no job skills, often in unsafe situations and some of them are pregnant and need urgent assistance for themselves and their babies. We pray the Lord will lay it on your heart to join our efforts and be a part of the efforts to rescue more young girls and women, particularly mothers and their children. Together, we can provide a loving Christian environment that will change their lives.